Locations Served

Northern Arizona Painting provides painting services to the following locations:

Northern Arizona Climate

Northern Arizona is a high desert environment with intense sunlight, extreme dryness and fluctuating temperatures from cold to hot.  There can often be a serious threat of fire.

Precipitation ranges from gentle rain, to summer monsoon downpours, and heavy snowfall and ice at the higher elevations in the winter.

Wind and blowing sand damage can occur at the lower elevations of Northern Arizona.

Regional Threats from the Elements

Sunlight fades seal coats, particularly on western and southern walls.  As the seal coat breaks down, the underlying wood can crack and warp without adequate protection.

Moisture gets under seal coats that are failing or that have not been uniformly applied.  This results in alligatoring which looks and feels like alligator skin.

Wind and blowing sand causes pitting and actually removes the seal coat by sandblasting it.

Protection from the Elements

Northern Arizona Painting is experienced in all climatic variations for the region and has in-depth knowledge of each city’s weather patterns and elemental threats. By selecting the proper products and thoroughly preparing the surface prior to painting, our processes and applications will give the ultimate protection for the varying conditions in your area.

Satin paints are often a better choice for exterior surfaces, because they shed water and resist sun damage. Due to their protection qualities, satin paints are great for trim and are more subtle than a high gloss paint.

Fire suppression products are available for cedar shakes and siding to help prevent the wood from catching fire due to exposure to sparks and flames.