Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Flagstaff & Sedona AZ

When the paint or finish on kitchen cabinets begins to fade, or when scratches, dirt and grease start to cover the surface, it takes down the value of your entire kitchen. Kitchens are one of the focal points in most homes, and one of the rooms that offer a high rate of return on investment for improvements – both for your own livability and resale value down the road. Let Northern Arizona Painting make your kitchen look like new again with kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services in the Flagstaff and Sedona areas.

Kitchen cabinets may show wear and abrasion on their surface, but the underlying wood and hardware is often still perfectly functional. If your cabinets still work and give you the storage and organizational space that you need, don’t waste money replacing them. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can cost thousands of dollars and put your kitchen out of commission for weeks. With painting and refinishing, you kitchen cabinets will gleam with a new shine and provide a fresh new look to your kitchen space at a fraction of the expense of a full replacement or remodel.

Northern Arizona Painting will repaint and refinish your cabinets according to your preferences, whether you want the same look or you want to try a completely different style. Call Northern Arizona Painting today at 928-890-7769 or request a free estimate online now to learn more about having your cabinets refinished.