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Northern Arizona Painting provides painting services to the following locations in the Flagstaff vicinity:

  • Flagstaff
  • Munds Park
  • Williams
  • Winslow
  • Parks
  • Bellemont
  • Outlying subdivisons


Flagstaff is located at nearly 7,000′ elevation in the mountains of Northern Arizona. It is surrounded by one of the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine forests.

Flagstaff’s Climatic Threats to Properties

Flagstaff’s climate is basically semi-desert with low humidity. The intense sunlight at the high elevation fades paint and seal coats. The dry conditions suck the moisture from wooden structures. If not properly and adequately painted, the seal coat breaks down quickly which allows the wood to crack and warp.

Flagstaff also receives heavy monsoon rains in the summer and deep snow and ice in the winter. Paint and seal coats that are failing or that were not uniformly applied can allow moisture to reach the underlying wood. Alligatoring, a paint condition that looks and feels like alligator skin, can result. Deep snow and ice can cover foundations and the lower paneling on buildings, as well as fences and decks.

During years of low precipitation, Flagstaff’s forests have a high fire hazard which in turn jeopardizes houses and businesses located within or nearby the forested areas.

Protective Processes by Northern Arizona Painting

To offset the damage caused by these varying climatic elements, Northern Arizona Painting performs extensive prep work before each project to ensure a high quality paint application. Our teams pressure wash the surface to remove peeling paint, dirt, and pine needles. All bare wood and metal surfaces are sanded as needed and given a prime coat to ensure proper adhesion of the final seal coats.

Northern Arizona Painting applies solid and uniform paint coats to thoroughly cover the surface. Our crews paint below grade level on exterior walls to stop moisture leakage from deep snow and pooling water along the foundation and lower paneling.

To lessen fire hazards, we can apply fire suppression products on cedar shakes and siding.