Exterior Painting Process

Interior Painting Process

This is a guideline for property owners who have hired Northern Arizona Painting to paint the exterior of their building.

Listed below are the property owner’s responsibilities to be performed before painting begins. If you cannot complete these preparations, please let us know, and we will include the cost of this service in our Estimate.

Also shown below are Northern Arizona Painting’s preparation, application, clean up, and final processes for your information.

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

  • Move any “not to be painted” items away from house like firewood, furniture, etc.
  • Close all windows.
  • Secure pets.

How It Works

  • Painting crews typically consist of two to three painters, including one production manager and two painting assistants.
  • Painters will arrive at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. as determined by the property owner. They work for eight hours with a half hour lunch break unless otherwise notified.
  • Any tools left on the job will be neatly organized and placed in a location of the property owner’s choice.

Preparation Process

  • Pressure wash all surfaces to be painted. This removes all dirt from the surface, as well as some peeling paint.
  • Dig 2″ to 4″ trench next to the building where foundation and landscaping meet. This prevents painting your landscape and ensures that the paint is received below grade level.
  • Scrape all remaining peeling paint.
  • Sand as needed to ensure proper adhesion of top coat
  • Prime all bare wood and metal to ensure proper adhesion of top coat.
  • Mask all “not to be painted” surfaces like windows, light fixtures, furniture, cars, landscaping.

Application Process

  • Spray siding with a minimum of two coats. Some siding will be “back rolled” to ensure proper coverage.
  • Brush and roll a minimum of two coats on all fascia and trim.
  • Touch up paint as needed.

Clean Up

  • Remove masking materials from all surfaces.
  • Replace dirt against foundation.
  • Dispose of all trash.

Walk Through

  • Bryan Morrow, owner of Northern Arizona Painting, will examine completed work with the property owner to ensure 100% quality satisfaction.
  • Complete comment card.